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ADVANTIV and Innomotics announce exciting new partnership!

We are proud to announce that we have been appointed as an Approved Partner for Innomotics low voltage motors distribution in the Central South and South Wales regions.

ADVANTIV and Innomotics announce exciting new partnership!

Innomotics, a Siemens business with more than 150 years of engineering expertise offers the most comprehensive range of low voltage motors worldwide. Innomotics three-phase motors are suitable for all applications in a power range from 0.09 - 5,300 kW. The motors can be used directly on the mains or in combination with Innomotics converters for variable speed operation.

We are thrilled to welcome Advantiv as our new approved partner. Together, we look forward to delivering value-added solutions and providing a professional, personal service to our customers. We look forward to the collaborative success this partnership will bring.


Do you need efficient, reliable and flexible motors for your production or building infrastructure? Advantiv can help with solutions for low voltage motor technology, including geared and special motors with a seamless output range from 0.09kw with speeds up to 16,000rpm, with torques of up to 40,000 kNm and with all the necessary voltage classes and type of protection.

Innomotics motors are perfectly suited for use in standard and specialised applications such as pumps, fans, compressors across all industry sectors.

The team at Advantiv have extensive experience in the recommendations and supply of motors to all industry sectors across a wide span of applications. Whether it’s a replacement, upgrade, energy efficiency or a new application we provide tailored solutions to meet our client’s applications.

With our expertise and comprehensive portfolio of Innomotics low voltage motors we help our clients to improve reliability, energy efficiency and productivity of their processes.

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