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Know your helmet’s DNA with JSPCheck

JSP has introduced JSPCheck™, a unique online checking system for each and every one of its Mk® Evolution® safety helmets. Every JSP Mk Evolution® safety helmet is manufactured with its own unique manufacturing barcode.

Know your helmet’s DNA with JSPCheck

barcode reveals everything about the individual DNA of that helmet - the date and time of manufacture to the very second, the materials used, the machine settings, the relevant batch testing information. JSPCheck™ enables end users to access this full product traceability system to validate their helmet. Performing JSPCheck™ is quick and easy by accessing our website, follow the two easy steps and then simply click ‘Verify’.

The user will receive the response in their inbox in less than one minute. The check can be performed on any PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone, from anywhere in the world. The JSPCheck™ system was a contributing factor in JSP being awarded the prestigious Frost and Sullivan 2014 European Head Protection Market Leadership Award.

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