Drill Bits & Holesaws

Drill Bits & Holesaws

We supply a wide selection of HSS drill bits and holesaws from leading brands such as Guhring, Dormer and Starrett

Browse our Tools Webshop for a wide selection of HSS drill bits and sets available in a selection of sizes. HSS drill bits are a hard and heat resistant drill designed to drill metal, hardwood, plastic and non-ferrous metals at high speed.

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RT100XF High Performance Carbide Drills

We supply a range of drill bits by Guhring, their new RT100XF carbide drill is designed for performance.

Double margins engage immediately, resulting in improved concentricity and straightness, as well as excellent surface finish. Polished flutes improve chip evacuation, significantly reducing machining temperature, which prevents work hardening and protects the cutting edges.

Smoother, faster cutting of steel materials

Starrett’s FCH - Fast Cut Saw supplied by ADVANTIV. Features a new tooth material & design and enhanced heat & wear resistance. Provides a smoother, faster cut on a wide range of materials. Specifically suited to cutting stainless and mild steel sheets, the Fast Cut will also cut through tubes with a wall thickness of up to 3mm.

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