Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic Valves

Our portfolio includes standard on-off valves, proportional directional valves, proportional pressure valves, proportional flow valves, high-response valves, servo-valves and is complemented by the valve accessories

Within our extensive range of hydraulic valves you’ll find all types of control valves, seal kits and manifolds from leading manufacturers.

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Proportional, high-response and servo valves

With their integrated electronics, these valves reduce the required wiring and simplify the handling while at the same time provide exact reproducibility and a low manufacturing tolerance

Multi-station Manifolds

ADVANTIV supply multi-station manifolds, the base element for ready-to-connect controls of vertical stacking design with numerous stations. On each station, highly compact hydraulic controls can be built using vertically stackable sandwich plate valves in conjunction with on/off valves, proportional valves, high-response valves or servo valves.

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