Spill Control

Spill Control

We provide a One Stop Shop for all your Liquid Safety Solutions

Whatever your industry, application and location, we have a complete range of spill product solutions for your operation. So much more than just spill control, our engineers work with manufacturing partners to focus on providing the expert advice and guidance needed to identify spill risks, specify products to mitigate against the risk, and advise how to meet spill prevention guidelines and environmental requirements.

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Recover those unplanned spills or leaks

For unexpected spills and leaks it is essential to have the correct liquid safety solutions in place to be able to respond accordingly. In most cases a spill kit or range of strategically located and readily available spill kits will provide all the absorbents and a container needed to recover the spill.

Portable spill kits allow a quantity of absorbents to be taken to the site of a spill or leak quickly. Available in both Oil-only and Maintenance types and a range of sizes up to 50 ltrs.

Static spill kits are best located where there is a chance of a spill occurring and providing mitigation against the risk. Available in an 80 ltr size in either Oil-only or Maintenance types.

Wheeled spill kits range from 120ltr up to 1,000ltr and in both Oil-only and Maintenance types. These highly manoeuvrable spill kits are an essential choice for dealing with unplanned spill types. With a ‘polluter pays’ policy it is easy to see how these spill kits can pay for themselves. To protect the initial investment, we provide spill kit refills to ensure the spill kits are always ready and on stand-by.

Safety-First High Visibility Absorbents

We supply the Spilfyter high-visibility range of absorbents which are perfect for drawing attention to and warning of the slip-risk of spilled or leaked fluids whilst also recovering the spill or leaked fluid. These high visibility absorbents can be used in both planned maintenance and cleaning operations.

Bright yellow in colour, these absorbents will recover both oil-based and water-based fluids. They are made from meltblown polypropylene, which ensures they will not react with any chemicals present so are a perfect go-to first choice.

For unplanned liquid spills the high-visibility absorbent with warning text in three languages and graphics warns of the slip risk and recovers the leak or spill at the same time.

This range is available in pads, rolls, and wipes. They also feature a handy range of boxed dispensers and warning stands.

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