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Safer Bonding - Zero Compromise

ADVANTIV are distributors for Bondloc, a UK manufacturer of premium adhesives and sealants.

Over recent years, Bondloc has developed a range of “White Label” safer anaerobic adhesives that offer exceptional bonding performance without hazardous, carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic ingredients.

The Bondloc range of safer products has grown in popularity with engineering and manufacturing facilities looking for more responsible chemistries to support the environmental and occupational health agenda, which in turn reduces the requirements for COSHH assessments.

This has led Bondloc to invest and expand its safer product range to include low, medium and high strength threadlockers, a WRAS approved pipe sealant, an instant gasket, a flexible gasket, and a high strength retainer.

Reduce production costs and time, lower maintenance costs with Bondloc adhesives

Bondloc Anaerobic adhesives were developed to help reduce production costs and time, lower maintenance costs but also to add other benefits like product reliability and replace mechanical locking devices. Once cured the thermoset plastic property provides excellent resistance to various chemical environments, excellent resistance against external impact, and vibrational force.

ADVANTIV stock the Bondloc range including Threadlockers, Gasket Solutions, Thread Sealants and Retaining Compounds.

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