Direct as well as indirect expenditure which includes the so called “soft backroom costs” impact directly on a company’s bottom line Return on Sales.

Advantiv offer a range of supply chain management service options to ensure that your costs are interrogated from the point an order is raised to the management and delivery of that expenditure.


Our Solutions range of programme options have been carefully created to obtain the best possible outcomes depending on the type of cost reduction challenge facing your business.

Advantiv offer a broad range of vendor management & consolidation programmes all bespoke to our client’s specific requirements. We help you reduce your supply chain costs by managing your spend on not only traditional industrial parts but also consumables, workwear, janitorial and other non-engineering parts. We can also consolidate your ad-hoc requirements, source alternative or obsolete parts from worldwide stocks.

Advantiv also provide inventory management solutions, such as parts vending machines and provide services to re-design or upgrade stores areas and works order process systems.

Savings with Tail Spend Management Services

Tail-spend is an area that is often ignored, or not closely managed, because there are so many suppliers and the idea of tackling them can seem overwhelming

By letting Advantiv address the tail-end of your spend, we can deliver significant savings in terms of reduced costs and improve process efficiencies - both of which free up money and valuable resources.

We work closely with our clients to explore the typical challenges they face of managing tail-spend, and implement the processes that make it easy to achieve savings.

  • Net cost savings.
  • Better visibility of where you spend money.
  • A reduction in ad hoc off-contract buying.
  • A significant reduction in the number of orders and invoices that need processing.
  • A reduction in the time needed to manage suppliers.

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Savings with Tail Spend Management Services

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