Anti- Fatigue Products

Anti- Fatigue Products

Anti-fatigue matting and modular flooring for commercial offices, production floors and industrial applications.

Anti-fatigue products are important in workplaces where employees sit or stand in one position for long periods. This could be in a traditional office environment or on the production floor, where most employees spend up to eight hours a day at their station.

Employers and employees alike rarely think of health and safety in terms of day-to-day comfort, instead choosing to focus on fire safety or first aid, which are of course very important, but the everyday health and safety of workers is just as integral to providing a safe and healthy workplace.

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UltraSoft Diamond-Plate matting

We supply a range of anti-fatigue matting products including UltraSoft Diamond-Plate matting.

Designed for comfort and optimized worker productivity, these mats are exceedingly popular among standing workers and have industrial strength for multiple shift operations. The double-thick Nitricell sponge base is a Nitrile composite for exceptional comfort, rebound and long life.

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Modular Flooring

Modular flooring is a type of floor covering that can be laid out over any floor, and is designed to cover large areas quickly. Made up of tiles that can connect on all four sides to create a seamless floor in any size or shaped area. Modular flooring is perfect for a custom-fit around machines to provide exceptional antifatigue and ergonomic support of workers.

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