Hand Protection

Hand Protection

We supply an extensive collection of gloves that offers the wearer ultimate comfort and protection when needed most.

Hand injury is one of the most frequent types of accident reported in the working environment, our range of gloves gives the protection the wearer deserves when carrying out jobs in the workplace.

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Safe Handling of Sharp Objects

Our stock of cut resistant gloves gives varying degrees of protection depending on what level is required. We have over 50 styles of cut resistant gloves and sleeves to suit almost every task.

Contact us with your requirements and we will select the best protection for your application.

Vital Protection against Accidental Impact

This collection of gloves provides vital protection against impact to the hand from multiple hazards.

The latest development in glove technology, this collection of specially designed gloves provide protection to hands from impact hazards. Our impact protection gloves utilise the latest research in materials technology in order to absorb a maximum amount of force from impacts.

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