Chain & Sprockets

Chain & Sprockets

Advantiv supply a comprehensive range of roller chains and sprockets as well as special adapted chains for a wide range of applications

Our manufacturers drive chains and sprockets are developed to fulfil the stringent quality requirements of a wide range applications across all industry sectors.

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Drive solutions for the building materials industry

Very few industries are more varied and diversified than the building materials industry. ADVANTIV supplies the industry with a wide range of products – everything from roller chains and conveyor chains to forged or die-cast chains.

Our engineering team working closely with our manufacturers can attend site to assess requirements to identify solutions for the most challenging of application conditions in the building materials industry.

Food Sector - Hygiene and precision

The food industry is one of the largest in the UK with a complexity and diversity that present roller chain manufacturers with extremely demanding challenges. ADVANTIV supply roller chain manufactured to narrow tolerances and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to guarantee the high precision of the chains.

The machines and components used in the food industry must not only comply with general industrial safety requirements, but also meet tough cleaning, hygiene and disinfection standards. Our manufacturers develop precision chain systems that offer individual solutions for critical issues such as hygiene requirements, varying temperature ranges or corrosion resistance.

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