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Manufacturing plant saves money by switching to LED lighting

Advantiv worked with one of the UK’s oldest manufacturing plants to demonstrate the savings they could make on their lighting systems by switching to EcoSTAR® LED lighting.

Manufacturing plant saves money by switching to LED lighting

Advantiv made one of the UK’s oldest industrial manufacturing plants producing steel wheels and rims for heavy earth moving and excavation equipment aware of the potential costs savings that could be made on their lighting systems by installing EcoSTAR® LED lighting.

Following meetings, a demonstration of the product and a survey of the plant, a proposal was put forward to outline the benefits and costs of installing the fittings. A trial was agreed and one area chosen to replace the existing high bay 400w metal halide lamps with the EcoSTAR® luminaires.

The aim of the trial was not only to demonstrate the reduced the lighting costs and therefore the lower carbon emissions, but also to improve the lux levels in the area as further inspection lighting had been required in addition to the metal halide lamps.


A Tool room department lighting system was identified as having potential for an energy reduction study to be undertaken as the lights were high consumption 400w Metal Halide. The lighting power consumption was monitored over the course of a seven day week to benchmark existing costs.

EcoSTAR® Energy Efficient fittings were used with an integral PIR motion sensor to further enhance the energy reduction. All fittings were replaced over a shutdown period and the lighting Installation was again monitored over the course of a normal working week.

The new EcoSTAR® lighting installation reduced power consumption by  81% reduction, a significant reduction in carbon emissions and also improved the lux levels in the tool room where detailed work to drawings is carried out.

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