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Air Knife Conversion reduces energy consumption and improves system performance

As part of our energy efficiency services, Advantiv are constantly striving to help clients reduce their energy use and carbon footprint. Compressed air is a very expensive commodity to produce, so Advantiv make every effort to help clients reduce and optimise its use where ever possible.

Air Knife Conversion reduces energy consumption and improves system performance

During a site visit to discuss opportunities in which a client’s compressor usage could be reduced, Advantiv identified an air knife being used to blow metal swarf off a production line at a large steel wheel manufacturer. The original system comprised of a 3/4” galvanised pipe with 4mm diameter holes along its length supplied by compressed air at 7 Bar. The process operates for 10 hours per day, 5 days per week, 48 weeks per year. The estimated cost of running the air knife with the compressed air was ~£51k/year.

Using compressed air with the original pipe assembly was causing fluctuations in the main line supply and other equipment not to function correctly.

On review of the application, Advantiv recommended conversion to an alternative system using radial blowers as opposed to the compressed air, therefore freeing up a large proportion of the compressors capacity whilst also providing a more stable and controlled supply of air to blow off the swarf with exactly the same vigour.


The new system was specified with the support of Advantiv’s partner supplier Air Control Industries (ACI) one of the world leaders in air knife technology. ACI’s radial blower system was supplied in a modular format allowing easy installation by the client on site, it’s aluminium and stainless steel construction ensured it was robust enough for the harsh environment.

The running costs for the new system was calculated at £900/year realising an annual saving of ~£50k in running costs, the payback on the purchase of the new equipment was only 23 days. 

This system re-design and other work carried out as part of our compressed air leak management programme has enabled the customer to turn off a 110kw compressor, as a result further air knives have also been converted to ACI’s blower system.

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