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Advantiv’s Compressed Air leak Detection Services and how it can save you money

Advantiv made one of the UK’s largest and most well known food manufacturers aware of potential costs associated with compressed air production and more importantly, the losses incurred through any leakage in the system.

Advantiv’s Compressed Air leak Detection Services and how it can save you money

Following a demonstration of our reporting and leak management system, the client then decided to carry out a complete survey of their entire site. Shortly after starting the survey it was quickly identified that there were significant losses within the system and that once rectified, significant energy savings could be made.


Over the 6 days of our survey we identified ~£100k value of annualised losses in compressed air leaks on this client’s site. A random more detailed sample of the larger leaks showed that this figure was factually nearer ~£135k. The figures used are based on those advised independently by the Carbon Trust and backed up by BCAS.


As well as identifying, tagging and grading the leaks, we provided the client with a full comprehensive report which includes all the data taken to allow them to self administer and manipulate the results, enabling them to identify the leaks in order of priority. Those that were able to be repaired during/not during production and producing a full list of the spares and parts required to carry out all the necessary repairs. By inputting repaired leak data back into this report the client gets real-time visibility of their leakage character and the savings achieved.


We also produced a payback figure against the cost of the survey and resulting parts requirement. We have proven that the payback period is significantly reduced if the client uses our repair services, as time is not lost waiting for in-house engineering resources to become available to carry out the necessary work. This client subsequently placed an order with Advantiv to carry this work as part of an ongoing compressed air system management contract as they could see the benefit.

Continuous Improvement

As stockists for leading pneumatic manufacturers, we were also able to provide technical advice on ways in which the compressed air system could be improved and how new products could be introduced to help improve life expectancy of air parts & systems. As well as the ongoing compressed air savings that are now being seen, further significant savings on consumable parts were also shown as these parts were rolled out across the plant. Further optimisation of the air system is also being carried out based on our recommendations.

As a result of our survey and subsequent repairs the client was able to turn down a significant sized compressor and benefit from a large annual saving in compressor running costs. It is also expected that further savings will be made as the client implements our suggested optimisation methods and any future leaks are immediately detected and repaired.

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